I Couldn’t See The Moon

I watched the woman with the
pink pretty boots standing, trying to decide
whether or not to jump
but she jumped
And so I jumped.

Beneath the calm I saw her
           kick and writhe
I went below too
as if I’d be able to join her
although I knew
I’d see her again
on the surface
so I breathed
air, looked up, and saw the
the light, full and round, readying
my words my mouth to exclaim,
as if I’d been the one true discoverer,
“Look! There’s the moon!”
but I couldn’t
shout. I couldn’t lay claim.

My eyes found only
fog, as if
behind a milky gauze.

16 thoughts on “I Couldn’t See The Moon

  1. This blog page is asking me “What Are You Thinking Right Now?” but I’m not really thinking, just feeling like I’m trying to wake up from a dream. This is beautiful and haunting, Miss Lisa.

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  2. Beautiful as always. Nursing a tender heart after hearing the news of a friend who just lost his child. Finding solace in the moon and the ones I love. Thank you for the serendipity of your poem.

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    • wasn’t sure whether to reply publicly. we must be channeling. this was from a dream i had last night. i felt such loss, not being able to see the moon and wanting desperately to tell the others to look but i had nothing to offer them. weird emotion. so many emotions lately, and now yours, too. i am SO sorry for your pain, your empathy, i know you feel others’ wounds deeply. I am sorry for your friend’s loss. I miss you, my love and look forward to (hopefully) watching the moon with you this summer.


What Are You Thinking Right Now?

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