Weekly Menu

Hello friends and fellow food-folks. A few of you have, over the years, asked me to send you my weekly menu line-up, so I am doing that for the first time. It’s meant to help you have to think a little less about what to do for dinner this week. Obviously you may hate all my choices.

I bought all my groceries for the week this morning so I don’t have to get in the car again–hence my planning well in advance.

I’ve tried to vary it a lot, using some old and some new recipes, some vegetarian, some not. I know it’s the Jewish New Year, but I am including one recipe with pork. Feel free to leave it out if you must.

Sunday–This will be a NEW recipe. We will use char instead of salmon because we like it more. We will cut down on the butter. We will substitute real milk for the evaporated. We will serve it with an arugula salad dressed simply in oil and balsamic.

Pan-Crisped Salmon

Pan-Crisped Salmon with Light Dijon Cream and Garlic Butter Breadcrumbs I howsweeteats.com

Monday–Happy New Year. –V and Loy are off to some celebration and I have a get-together with a friend for dinner.

Tuesday–Another new recipe (now that I think of it–all the recipes this week are untried and untested. You can try with me or wait to see how things turn out). We will use BOTH cabbage and real wontons as wrappers. We will use a regular steamer since we have no bamboo steamer. We will not use parchment, but instead oil the metal steamer. We will not use as much arrowroot as called for. I will roast some broccoli on the side. Be sure to soak your beans TONIGHT if you’re making the minestrone tomorrow.

Paleo Dim Sum

Wednesday–I got this recipe off the article in the NYTimes about eating in the blue zone of the planet–the supposedly healthiest place to live, gastro-wise. I will substitute pintos for the cranberry beans and if the fava beans are $12/pound I will take their suggestion and sub cannellini beans. I will for sure add the fennel fronds and tomato paste as suggested in the note. I will add a chunk of Parmesan rind from the stash i have in the freezer. I will serve with bread and cheese. I will hope the weather is as cool as predicted.

Sardinia Minestrone

Thursday–Sometimes Martha Shulman strikes a home run; sometimes she’s useless, but it’s our CSA day, and since I know we’ll be getting lots of spinach, I thought I’d give this a go. We will serve over organic basmati rice and Victor will make a simple red lentil dal for the side. He will be skipping the onion, ginger and tomato part and will just do the spice mixture at the end.

Indian Tofu with Spinach


love, lisa

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