I just went for a run. Or, a walk, run, meditation, actually. Today the sun is out, and it looked deceptively warm, so I actually wore shorts instead of shorts over long mud-stained underwear. I put on my headphones, tied my shoes, set my watch, and headed out for a 4.7 mile loop around Meach Cove, the huge green public space graciously shared by the past owner of Boston Scientific. Nice man, that man,  sharing his home site.
Anyway, the wind hustled me forward about 15 mph from the south. All good so far. Then I turned and had to head into the wind. Suddenly my sweat froze and my face stung. I zippered tight my Patagucci over-shirt and pushed into the wind. After a half mile I couldn’t do it. It was too windy, too cold and too beautiful to try so hard. Instead I turned off my music, found a tree to block the wind, sat down beside it, stared off into Lake Champlain, and meditated for a few minutes, letting the wind’s song embrace me.
Then I stood up, told the wind I had no interest in fighting it, turned up my tunes, waved to the geese in the pond, and ran forward.

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