My Pet Peeve-Revisited

I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when people agree with my opinions, especially if those opinions are sometimes lopsided or bizarre or even trivial. It’s the sort of gratification I felt when I was one of the first kids picked for dodge ball, even though I pretty much sucked at it.

While reading this past week’s Sunday NYTimes SocialQ column I got to experience that pleasurable reassurance again when someone named Geoffrey from Baltimore wrote about how much he and his wife hated when waiters and waitresses asked if they were “still working on your dinner?”

Ha! I raised my eyebrows in hearty recognition. Geoffrey asked if it was perhaps too snarky that his wife replied, “No. I’m vacationing on it.” The editor wrote back the following, very funny answer:

Better “still working on it” than my newish bête noire: “Still enjoying your chicken Milanese?” How presumptuous is that? It makes me want to catalog, in screaming detail, every morsel I hate about it. Yes, your wife was sassy. But assuming she has some Bette Midler flair, she probably gave the waitress a good chuckle. (Servers: Try “May I clear?”)

Vindication is mine!

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