Way back when, I used to post recipes–highlighting some of the better meals we cooked. Then I got bored of writing about food. There are way too many great food blogs out there. I had nothing to add.

But last night we tried out a recipe that was so close to perfect, I have to share. Here’s the original  recipe for Half Baked Harvest’s Chicken Shawarma and Sweet Potato Fry Bowls

Here’s what we did differently:

*Used thighs instead of breasts;
*Broccoli instead of asparagus (half the price);
*Roasted some button mushrooms; red onion slices; and a russet potato (also cut into matchsticks like the sweet potatoes) as well;
*Sauce: we omitted the mint, added a dollop of mayo and a squeeze of sriracha (BTW: until I typed that just now, I had no idea that the extra “r” existed. I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for decades);
*We made couscous because Loy would rather eat pig balls than quinoa;
*Our toppings: feta cheese/sliced-up Trader Joe’s Hot&Sweet cherry peppers/my homemade carrot pickles (ask me for the recipe)/kalamatas/sliced sun-dried tomatoes/sliced cukes that I de-seeded and salted for an hour

Five-stars. A perfect meal. It’s supposed to serve 5-6, but the three of us finished off every last bit, so double it if you want leftovers. You’re welcome.

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