Can I Adopt A Grown Woman?

Just found this new review of my first book on Goodreads. She gave it 5 stars, but, more importantly, she wrote a rockin’ review! Through the gauze of bad grammar I give you this:


Roxanne Bernabe‘s review

Jan 22, 14

bookshelves: to-read


This is one of the books that I personally own but I’m still not finished in reading this one (until now). I bought it last 2012, December, I think—in a book sale. You know, the ones with ‘buy one take one’ thing and it costs only 99.00php so it was a great deal.

I liked the book’s cover, I bought it because it caught my attention and the title is pretty interesting too.

When I first read the first chapter of the book, I instantly stopped reading within the first page because the point of view came from an old woman.(Lol.) Elly’s mother, to be in particular. (I’m not a fan of books with old characters) I thought the rest of the book will be from Helen’s point of view that’s why I stopped reading it. And I recently tried to give it a chance when I lost my blackberry’s charger (which means I can’t read ebooks).

Anyway, I was glad that happened because I’ll probably die with the book still unread.

What made me change my mind is because of the interconnected stories. It’s my first time to encounter such concept in a book. I have watched several movies with the same concept but reading it in printed words is a whole lot better!

The sudden change of character point of view without any notice confused me at first but when I realized the said concept, I almost bowed down at the genius idea.

Here’s my thought about the book so far:

The first chapter is in present time. It shows an introduction towards Elly’s love life, and previews from her past life or should I say, when she was younger.

The second chapter is in a different point of view and we’ve already time traveled to Elly’s old love adventures without realizing it. Elly isn’t the main focus of the chapter but she’s being narrated by a different character within a different story line.

All of the chapters that I have read doesn’t have a good ending, they do not end up together. Different chapter, different guy, different characters.Every chapter emphasizes the title itself, other ‘fish’ in the sea. This book is mainly about Elly finding her true love, the man she gets to spend her whole life as she reels in a lot of wrong fishes in the sea along the way.

I think this story shows how a woman needs to kiss a lot of frog before she finds her prince.

It’s a chiclit. Finding your self, your true love and knowing what you need and don’t need.

It’s a total must read! 😀

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