Instead of writing this morning I am making Loy a collage birthday card for her upcoming birthday. My plan is to glue about a million 13s all over the pictures of ladybugs and butterflies and cupcakes. In preparation for this I went around the house gathering up all the magazines and annoying clothing catalogs from the overflowing recycling bins, figuring I’d cut the #13 page numbers from all of them. And that’s when I made a startling, if not totally trivial discovery: most magazines do NOT have the number 13 printed on their pages: instead there is usually an ad on that page. Is there some unspoken fear amongst the publishing world that 13 is truly bad luck and to print it would surely mean diminished sales? Crazy. But, I’m glad. It’s way more fun this way….


2 thoughts on “13

  1. 13 is my lucky number, seeing that my mum was born on the 13th and a Friday at that. Also, my younger daughter was born on the 13th. I’ve noticed my entire life that it’s not given the credit it’s due. Having grown up in hotels, I’ve become all too familiar with no 13th floors. All the more reason to hold sweet neglected 13 as a favorite. Thanks for giving it some attention.


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